Shreyanshu Maheshwari

Shreyanshu Maheshwari is a Trainer and a Fitness Writer. He is passionate about Exercise and Nutrition and has deep knowledge in this domain. Shreyanshu aims to provide evidence-based information which others can trust and use for their benefit.
He has written many Fitness based articles. He researches and goes through relevant studies to provide quality and trustworthy content.
Shreyanshu keeps on testing with different exercises and workout methods to see what will work best.
His focus areas include Bodyweight-Training, Weight Training, Weight Management, and Nutrition.

Fitness Philosophy

I believe everyone can be fit and healthy. Your body is capable of doing amazing things. Just stay consistent with your workout and diet, and you will see remarkable results.

Training 3 hours for 2 days a week won’t give you a great change, But Training 1 hour for 6 days a week will.

Progressive overload, Reps until failure, Consistency, and Sufficient Rest between Reps and Sets are what you need to take your workouts to the next level.