Best Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises for you

Level – Beginner

Here are the best bodyweight shoulder exercises for you. You just need few equipments like Bars, Rings, Bands etc., and you are good to go. The best thing about these exercises is that you can train yourself anytime and anywhere you want because you will perform these exercises by using your own bodyweight. Do these exercises to stay fit and to build an impressive physique.

Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises :

1. Push-up Hold

Hold your push up as long as possible to totally exhaust your shoulders. Push-up Hold will build and strengthen your shoulders. Holding a push-up isn’t that easy as it looks.

It’s will also train your triceps, chest and core at the same time. During this exercise, don’t arch your back and perform it with a proper form.

The muscles that work during Push-up Hold are –

– Shoulders

– Chest

– Triceps

– Core

2. Prone Arm Circles -

Prone Arm Circles is a beginners shoulder workout. It can also help you to improve your posture. This exercise will strengthen your shoulders and back and will improve the mobility of your shoulders. 

The muscles that work during Prone Arm Circles are –

– Shoulders

– Back

3. Band Assisted Dips -

Band Assisted Dip is a great strength-building exercise for beginners. Dips will build and add mass to your shoulders. 

Don’t do any kind of half rep. Achieve a minimum of 90 degrees of flexion in your elbow.

You can go deeper than 90 degrees if your shoulder mobility is good enough, but don’t force it because if you lack mobility, it may be possible that you can end up injuring yourself.

The muscles that work during Band Assisted Dips are –

– Shoulders

– Chest 

– Triceps

– Back (Rhomboids and Latissimus dorsi)

4. Ring Reverse Flys -

Reverse Flys will improve the stabilization of your shoulders.

This Bodyweight shoulder exercise will strengthen your shoulders and upper back muscles.

During the movement, keep your body straight from your shoulders to your hips to your heels.  

The Muscles that work during Reverse Ring Flys are –

– Shoulders ( Deltoid and Rotator cuff)

– Upper Back

– Chest

5. Knee Pseudo Planche Push-up

Knee Pseudo Planche Push up is an excellent bodyweight shoulder exercise for beginners. This exercise is going to build your shoulders and will make them big.

Place your hands right by your waistline. If that’s not possible, then place your hands near your waistline.

The muscles that work during Knee Pseudo Planche Push-ups are –

– Shoulders

– Chest

– Arms (Triceps and Biceps)

– Serratus Anterior

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